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Jeff Merkley fights for Oregonians every day

From: Blue Oregon

An open letter to Monica Wehby, Ben West and Paul Rummell:

Laura Calvo

Dear Monica Wehby,

It's not very hard to read the writing on the wall (polls) when it comes to marriage equality in Oregon, especially after it's a done deal.

But coming out in support of marriage equality after years of the rest of us fighting for a right that should have never been an issue, is better (I guess??) than digging in your heels. I'm sure there were some folks who believed the earth was flat that changed their minds after it was proven wrong.

The proof in the sincerity is to ask, "why now?" Just because you're just now running for U.S. Senator, even though the only record you have is NOT voting in every election. That's really kind of low-brow pandering.

Our Very Own Oregon Inaction Figure

Back to Work Budget

Happy International Women’s Day!

Dallas Sports Anchor, Dan Hansen gets it right on Michael Sams

Anti-ObamaCare Megaphone

More on the CBO from Dean Baker

CBO Findings on Obamacare (Minus the GOP Talking Points)

Apparently a lot of media folks have made such a habit of repeating Republican talking points that they can't see what is right in front of their eyes. The Republicans are touting the fact that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) expects the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to reduce the number of people working.
Guess what? This was one of the motivations for the ACA. It is a feature, not a bug. There are a lot of people who would prefer not to work and would not work if they had some other way to get health care insurance. Imagine a 62 year-old with diabetes and other health conditions. No insurer will touch this person. If they can get insurance at all they are looking at bill that will certainly run well over $10k a year. If this person has a job that provides insurance they will keep it until they qualify for Medicare no matter how much of a struggle it is to go to work each day.

Go over to Common Dreams to read the rest.

FACTS! on the CBO Report

Steve Benen really nails this:

Let me get this straight. Over the last 24 hours, we’ve learned several noteworthy facts about the Affordable Care Act from the non-partisan CBO: it will lower unemployment; it will reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion; it will increase wages; it will bring coverage to tens of millions of Americans; and there’s no evidence at all that the law will increase part-time employment over full-time employment.

And despite all of these relevant details, Republicans and a few too many reporters still believe the CBO’s findings are bad news for Democrats and proponents of the health care law.

The Afordable Care Act Is Already Forcing Private Insurers To Lower Their Premiums

From: Think Progress

Obamacare Is Already Forcing Private Insurers To Lower Their Premiums

By Sy Mukherjee

Looks like Obamacare is more “on track” than “train wreck.

In a striking illustration of the promise that the health law holds for consumers, two Oregon private insurers vying to sell coverage on the state’s Obamacare insurance marketplace this October are reevaluating their opening bids for the plans’ monthly premiums. The reason? A side-by-side regional comparison of all proposed 2014 premiums for Oregon marketplace plans became public on Oregon’s marketplace website Thursday, and showed that the two insurers’ planned monthly premiums were far higher than other proposals. That raised fears among the companies’ officials that their plans wouldn’t be competitive on the market later this year, leading them to proactively request a rate reduction — and as more of Obamacare is implemented, state insurance commissioners expect that trend to continue:

“Posting rate comparisons company-by-company is a taste of what is to come,” says Cheryl Martinis of the Oregon Insurance Division.

Judging by the reaction, there’s already an impact.

Providence Health Plan on Wednesday asked to lower its requested rates by 15 percent. Gary Walker, a Providence spokesman, says the “primary driver” was a realization that the plan’s cost projections were incorrect. But he conceded a desire to be competitive was part of it.

A Family Care Health Plans official on Thursday said the insurer will ask the state for even greater decrease in requested rates. CEO Jeff Heatherington says the company realized its analysts were too pessimistic after seeing online that its proposed premiums were the highest.

“That was my question when I saw the rates was, ‘Can we go in and refile these?’” he said. “We’re going to try to get these to a competitive range.”

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